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Training Day
Training Day Case File.png
Season 1, Episode 24
Production Information
Air DateMay 25, 2015
Written byTimothy McKeon
Directed byStefan Scaini
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Training Day is the 24th episode of Odd Squad. It is a half-hour episode that is split up into 2 parts.


Olive tells the story of what happened to her old partner, Agent Todd.

Olive's Random Slide

This... is how long two seconds is.

Learning Goal

  • Numbers & Operations: addition, subtraction, skip counting, doubling, and odd and even numbers
  • Geometry: 2D shape attributes and composition
  • Algebraic Thinking: identifying number patterns and using deductive reasoning with number operations

Plot (contains episode spoilers)

The episode opens on Olive and Otto strolling through the town museum with a security guard. After a short chat, the guard explains that the giant ball of gum has shrunken again. Remembering the events of "Zero Effect", both agents are unfazed until the guard mentions that the ball has shrunken down to 43 wads. Almost instantly, Olive changes her tone and exclaims that it must be the work of Agent 43. Otto is confused, but complies with Olive's frantic pleas to scan the room for oddness. The scan turns up with them and 43 paintings being in the room, even though the guard insists that there are only 42 paintings in the room.

The number clicks with Olive once again, and as she turns to find the extra painting she spots a boy with a white streak in his hair hiding in one of them. The crazy-looking boy pops out of the frame with a sinister laugh and announces that "he's back" and was merely "watching and waiting and planning" for Olive and Otto to be good enough agents to mess with. Olive calls the newcomer "Todd" by name and demands that he tells them what he did with the giant ball of gum; Otto asks her how she knows Todd, but Olive ignores the question. Todd informs Olive that he goes by "Odd Todd" now, and vanishes with a cackle in a giant bubble gum burst. In a panic, Olive states that the pair has to immediately return to headquarters to warn Ms. O about Todd's return. Before they can head to the tube, Otto once again asks who Todd is. Olive frowns and states that the boy is her old partner.

When Olive and Otto arrive back in headquarters and tell Ms. O about Todd's return, Ms. O drops her juice box. As word spreads around the building, agents are so shocked by the news that they drop whatever they're holding. Ms. O scrambles to warn the other O's and instructs Oscar, Olive, and Otto to gather information on gadgets and Todd's file. Olive fervently blows through photos trying to find something, and Otto stops her and once again asks about Agent Todd. Olive tells Otto again that Odd Todd used to be her partner and now he wants to turn the world odd. Specifically, he questions her as to how Todd went from an upstanding agent to a wild-looking villain, explaining that he needs to know the full story so he can know how to help her. Olive relents, and a flashback starts.

The flashback opens to training grounds where soon-to-be agents are running through obstacle courses. Olive sets up the scene by stating that she went through training with Todd and that their instructor was Agent Obfusco. As Olive struggles through the course, Obfusco praises Todd's skills and encourages Olive to be more like "that guy". Olive continues her narration and mentions that even though Todd was the best of the best, he never really fit in due to his name and his somewhat goofy way of being.

The scene changes and Olive's first moments in headquarters are shown. While she takes it all in she almost bumps into a younger Oscar, whose hair is done up in a perm. Oscar cautions her to be careful, as he is moving a large container with a "Pienado" (a tornado, but with pies) across the floor. Upon learning what the pienado is, Olive smiles and comments that "she loves pie".

The next stop for the new agents is the training room, but before they enter, Obfusco presents them with another test: four doors stand in front of the agents and they are warned that only one leads to the correct room. The other doors hold dangerous consequences - a black hole, boiling lava, and a polka band. Obfusco gives the agents a hint on how to find the correct door and sets them to work figuring out the answer. Olive, Ophelia, and Oakley split off to work through the problem, but Olive barely has time to pull out her notepad before Todd assures her "I've got this, Scribbles" (his nickname for Olive) and opens the correct door.

Otto interrupts the story and asks if Todd just guessed the correct door. Olive explains that Todd actually did go through all of the same steps that any other agent would, except for he did the math in his head really quickly. Because of this, Todd was one of the best agents on the force, and after he became partners with Olive he solved so many cases that he wound up getting an award for winning the most awards. Due to how quickly he solved cases, Todd grew bored of his work, which was when the trouble started.

Olive recounts the day that Todd started doing odd things. It all began with a prank where he teleported her lunch around her desk. Todd approached her and bragged about creating two new gadgets - the Sandwichinator and an unnamed gadget that could give him a new nose in any color and shape that he wanted. Olive reminded him that their job was to fix odd things, not make things more odd, and Todd said that he disagreed. Olive chalked his sudden odd streak up to a passing phase, but as time progressed Todd got odder and odder. The odd stuff he did were interrupting meetings, drumming in the shower, and eating with his feet.

The flashback starts again as Olive remarks about the case that was the last straw. Olive and Todd roll up to the scene of an odd crime, where Oscar claims that Tiny Dancer's back in town and has made a house start dancing. As the agents try to figure out where the villain will strike next, Todd states that it's an obvious pattern and argues with Olive about her findings. He curtly reports that he knows exactly where Tiny Dancer is heading and belittles Olive for wasting time by writing in her notebook. Olive reluctantly follows Todd after questioning him multiple times as to if he's sure that he knows that he's doing. When the agents and Ms. O arrive at the projected target, they are surprised to find that Tiny Dancer is not there. As they talk with the woman at the house, Ms. O receives a phone call that Tiny Dancer has struck again. Todd shrugs the report off and insincerely apologizes for his miscalculation with a laugh.

The scene cuts back to Ms. O's office, where she angrily slams her fist on the table and exclaims that the targeted addresses made a doubling pattern. Because of Todd's fluke the town was still wiggling and jiggling and Tiny Dancer was still on the loose. Todd once again shrugs off the accusations and claims that "everyone makes mistakes". Ms. O doesn't buy it and states that she knows that Todd intentionally steered the team in the wrong direction. Finally, Todd stands up and agrees with her, claiming that he was tired of what the Odd Squad was doing. He states that things like dancing houses are interesting and that undoing something like that would make the world boring. Ms. O rebukes him and reminds him of the Odd Squad rule: "Do no odd.", then revokes his badge. Olive tries to argue, but Todd assures her that it's okay and leaves the room, bidding both of them farewell and good luck. After he leaves Ms. O pulls out a file and shows Olive a photo of Otto, informing her that she'd picked him out to be her new partner.

Weeks pass and nothing happens at the squad. One day, Oscar shows Olive his new Triangulator gadget. Suddenly the alarms sound code 3.1415926535..., and Dr. O bursts into the lab, warning that the pienado has been released. Pies start flying everywhere and Oscar and Olive run into the chaos.. Oscar is baffled and says that the only way to open the door to the pienado is with his nose. He wonders how it could've been opened since he hadn't even gone near the pienado, and Olive suddenly remembers Todd's nose gadget.

Sure enough, Todd enters the squad with Oscar's nose on his face and claims responsibility for the storm. Ms. O orders "Agent Todd" to stop the storm, and Todd bites back that he's no longer an agent and that he works for "The Todd Squad" now. Olive pleads with her former partner to cease the attack, but Todd refuses and tells her that Odd Squad's got it all wrong. He informs the group that he plans on making the world more odd, then he throws pies at both Oscar and Ms. O and exits. Ms. O begs Olive to fix the problem and stop the pienado and tells her that it doesn't matter how long it takes her to solve the problem as long as she does it. Having a new-found confidence, Olive rises up and faces the pienado on her own.

Using her notebook, Olive draws out a plan to stop up the holes with the Triangulator gadget. She shoots the triangles at the machine and manages to stop it with help from Oscar acting as a human shield. After the machine has been stopped, Olive glumly states "Too bad...I used to like pie," then drops the Triangulator.

The flashback ends and Olive and Otto are shown sitting in front of the computer again. Olive sighs and says that the day of the pienado was the last time she had seen her partner, until now. Otto asks why she keeps calling Todd her partner, and elaborates by saying that partners help each other. It was clear that Todd was only interested in helping himself. Enlightened, Olive agrees. Otto follows up his thought with a second, more pressing question: If Todd was the best agent that Odd Squad ever had, how are they going to beat him? Olive admits that she doesn't know, and the two walk off, with Todd's evil laughter echoing in the background as the scene fades to black.


  • This is the first and only episode to not actually show a sneak peek to the actual episode. Instead, it gives clues (i.e. Olive's last partner, Olive being scared of pies, and the number 43) as to what the episode is going to be about.
  • The title is based on the 2001 movie of the same name.
  • This episode reveals the mystery of the 43's.
  • This episode reveals how Olive became afraid of pies.
  • This episode reveals who Olive's previous partner is.




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