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These are short videos that air in between episodes, usually teaching the math concept used in the previous episode. Ophelia and Oakley suggested these videos to Ms. O in Training Day and are featured in some episodes. Oscar hosted them during Season 1, along with O'Conner's occasional help. Since Season 2, Oona hosted new Training Videos. Beginning with Season 3, Training Videos alternate between hosts: Omar, Opal, and Oswald.

Training Videos

Hosted by Oscar (seasons 1-2)

  • 26: Combining Gadgets
  • 27: Shape Crystals
  • 7883: A Guide to Your Uniform
  • 18: How to Feed the Odd Squad Hamster
  • 19: How to Feed the Odd Squad Goldfish
  • 42: How to Deal with a Puffer Plant
  • 94: How to Deal with a Saffron Slimer
  • 531: How to Deal with a Clockhead Lady
  • 9: How to Deal with a Tiggle or a Taggle
  • 1: How to get Ms. O the Right Juice Box (Odd Todd Alert)
  • 1624: How to Deal with a Spider Cat Bite

Hosted by Oona (Seasons 2-3)

  • 231: A Guide To Your Lab Coat
  • 306: How to Repair An Oonabot
  • 399: A Guide to Your Health
  • 457: The Anything-Within-Reason Machine
  • 514: A Guide To Your Tie
  • 723: Secret Compartments In The Lab
  • 799: Always Be Ready
  • 801: Getting Around Headquarters
  • 1,256: How To Afford Office Supplies
  • 7,884: Cleaning up on Clean Up Day
  • Coat

Hosted by OSMU (Season 3)

  • 10: Powering Through a Power Nap (hosted by Opal)
  • 309: A Guide to Meetings (hosted by Oswald)
  • 559: Know Your Team (hosted by Oswald)
  • 665: Know Your Buttons (hosted by Omar)
  • 200?: Training New Recruits (hosted by Opal)
  • 9,872: A Guide to Cleaning Up (hosted by Orla)
  • 1,000,009: How to Keep Your Squad Happy (hosted by Omar)

Welcome to Headquarters (Seasons 1-3)

NOTE: All segments in this category are hosted by Oscar, unless otherwise noted.

  • The Breakroom
  • The Breakroom: Part 2 (hosted by Oksana)
  • The Breakroom: Part 3 (hosted by Oksana)
  • The North Control Room
  • The Games Room
  • The Ball Room
  • The Tube Lobby
  • The Pools
  • The Lab
  • The Lab: Part 2 (hosted by Oona)
  • Ms. O's Office (hosted by Olympia, but not the agent who is paired up with Otis in Season 2).
  • The Elevator (hosted by Oona)
  • Arctic Mr. O's Office: Part 1 (hosted by Mr. O)
  • Arctic Mr. O's Office: Part 2 (hosted by Mr. O)

Odd Reports (season 1)

Hosted by Oscar

  • Raining Cats and Dogs
  • Giant Sighting
  • Double Storm
  • Traffic Report

Character Profiles


  • Confalones restaurant ad
  • Odd Moments in History
    • Hofferville, 1904
    • Tomato Tomahto, 1951
  • Odd Squad Needs You videos
  • Jackalope Cartoons
  • Delivery Debbie Pizzeria Ad



  • According to Training Video #26, combining gadgets requires the use of tape to hold the gadgets together. However, in other instances of combining gadgets, they stuck together like magnets.
    • Also, both the Hat-a-nator and the Hole-in-one-a-nator are both gadget number 10.