Odd Squad Wiki

[opening theme]

Potato chip guy: Thanks for coming, Odd Squad. So, I was just sitting here watching a movie, and I went to go grab a chip, and this happened.
[Out of the potato chip bag comes a trombone!]
Otto: Odd.
Potato chip guy: You're telling me. [He takes out more random stuff.] Look at all this! I can't eat any of this. I didn't even win this.
Olive: Don't worry, sir. We have a Potato Chip-Fix-inator.
[She blasts the potato chip bag with the gadget. The man takes a potato chip out of the bag, showing it worked!]
Potato chip guy: Thanks, Odd Squad.
Otto: Happy to help. Now if you'll excuse us...
[They enter the couch tube entrance. The guy takes a bite out of the potato chip.]
Potato chip guy: Aw, man. Sour cream?
[He eats it anyway.]

[The jackelope sounds like a goat. It the changes to Headquarters, and the agents are decorating for Ms. O's birthday!]
Otto: What's all this?
Olive: It's Ms. O's birthday! We're throwing her a surprise party.
Otto: How come nobody told me?
Olive: Have you ever kept a secret in your life?
Otto: You know me well.
Oscar: Oh, hey guys!
Olive: Looks good, Oscar. So, how'd you get Ms. O out of the office?
Oscar: Oh, I just told her that there's a juice box in the mechanic garage.
[In the mechanic garage...]
Mechanic: I... shoot! Th-there's no juice box inside that car!
Ms. O: I know your game, mister.
Mechanic: What game?
Ms. O: You want it for yourself. And Ms. O DON'T play that.
[Back at Precinct 13579...]
Olive: Works for me.
Otto: Question: Do we HAVE to wait for Ms. O to eat the birthday cake?
Oscar: (confused) Cake?
Oren: (madly) You forgot the birthday cake?
Oscar: (lying) No.
Olive: Good.
Otto: I was worried...
Oscar: [admittedly, to Otto] No, I totally forgot. There's no cake.
[All of the agents complain.]
Oscar: Hold on, we can make one, with my Make-a-Cake-inator. Which flavor should it be?
Olive: Vanilla, obviously.
Otto: Are you kidding me? Chocolate.
Oren: Strawberry!
Olaf: Potato!
Olive: (arguing) VANILLA!
Oren: Potato's not even a flavor!
Oscar: (loudly) STOOOOOOPPPPP! Everybody's talking too fast at the same time all at once like I'm doing right now! We need a way to organize all this information! There's only one person who can help us.
[Polly Graph then walks in.]
Oscar: Hello, Polly Graph.
Polly Graph: Hello, Odd Squad. You did the right thing calling me. First, we need to take a survey of everyone's favorite cake flavor.
Otto: How do we do that?
Polly Graph: Everyone, write down what flavor you want. Whatever you write down is called your vote. Everyone just gets one vote each.
Olive: Do you have any...
[She then hands them some paper.]
Oren: We also need...
[She then hands them all pens.]
Otto: I like writing in...
[She then hands him a feather pen.]
Otto: Wow! You're good.
Polly Graph: I'm the best. [shouting] Now, vote!
[They all go vote.]
Polly Graph: Oh, look. Something pink.
[She then leaves. Suddenly, O'Malley enters the room.]
O'Malley: Oscar! Oscar!
Oscar: What is it, O'Malley?
O'Malley: Ms. O found the juice box in the car!
[At the garage, Ms. O takes out a grape juice box.]
Ms. O: Found it. What do you have to say for yourself now?
Mechanic: I had no idea it was in there.
Ms. O: I'll take your word for it. By the way, I replaced the carburetor, put in a new timing belt, and cleaned the pistons. She should be good to go.
[Ms. O then leaves.]
Mechanic: [impressed] That's amazing.
[Back at headquarters...]
O'Malley: She's coming back!
Oscar: We need to stall her.
O'Malley: How?
Oscar: Uhh... lock the doors to the tube lobby! Now!

[O'Malley then goes to lock the doors. After the lightbulb transition, O'Malley then runs through the hall with a chair.]
O'Malley: Sorry! Sorry!
[Ms. O then enters the tube room. O'Malley hides behind one of the doors, enters a pin code, and then locks the tube lobby doors.]
Ms. O: [banging] O'Malley! Open this thing up!
O'Malley: Uh, sorry Ms. O, the doors are broken. I'm fixing it.
[While O'Malley "fixes" the doors, Ms. O sips a grape juice box.]

Polly Graph: The votes have counted. And I put the results into... this pie chart!
(It shows 11 people voted for chocolate, 3 people voted for vanilla, 2 people voted for both strawberry, lemon, and orange, and Olaf voted for potato.)
Oren: Pie? I thought we were doing cake.
Polly Graph: No. It's called a pie chart because it's shaped like a pie. It's also called a circle graph. See?
Agents: Ooohhhhhhhh....
Polly Graph: It can help us see which cake flavor got the most votes. So, you see how much bigger the chocolate section is than the other flavors? The winner is clearly chocolate.
Otto: Boom-choco-lata!
Oscar: Chocolate it is!
[Oscar then uses the Make-a-Cake-inator to make a chocolate cake.]
Olive: Thanks for your help, Polly.
Polly Graph: No prob. So, what'd you get Ms. O for a present?
Oscar: (confused) Present?
Oren: Seriously?
[The agents then start arguing again.]
Oscar: I have a Present-inator.
Olive: We should get Ms. O a new bike.
Polly Graph: Good one!
Otto: We should get her a trampoline.