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[opening theme]
Lady with two left feet: Thanks for coming, Odd Squad.
Olive: What seems to be the problem, mam?
Lady with two left feet: (sadly) I finally found a pair of running shoes that I like, but I can't wear them 'cause I have two left feet.
(Olive and Otto look down to find that both of her feet are actually lefties!)
Olive and Otto: (shocked) Whoa....
Otto: How do you run?!
Lady with two left feet: Uh, mainly in circles.
Olive: (reassuring) Not to worry. We have a fix.
(The lady with two left feet sighs happily. Olive takes out a gadget and zaps the former with it. It turns both the shoes into left shoes.)
Lady with two left feet: What?
Olive: Now, they're both lefties.
Lady with two left feet: (speechless) Not where I though you were gonna go, but... I'll take 'em! Thanks, Odd Squad!
Otto: Happy to help. Have a great day!
(They then try to get to the tube exit, but someone is blocking them. The left feet lady puts on her shoes, while Olive and Otto go through the shoe store tube entrance.)
Lady with two left feet: Woo! Yeah! (claps her hands) If Sheila could see me now! Woo!
(She keeps enjoying her new shoes.)

(The jackelope mascot sounds like an eagle. It then shows Olive and Otto walking into Ms. O's office, and there is a strange plant on Ms. O's desk.)
Ms. O: There you two are.
Otto: (unsurprised) Let me guess. Something very odd has happened?
Ms. O: (confused) Um, why would you even say that? I got a new plant, and I've been thinking of names. This is Mr. Green Jeans. Isn't that right, Mr. Green Jeans?
(When Ms. O gets her face too close to Mr. Green Jeans, he sprays her with some kind of pink glittery dust. She then has a bit of a coughing fit while Olive appears to be confused by what just happened.)
Otto: Is it OK to breathe that stuff?
Ms. O: How should I know? I'm not a doctor!
(Suddenly, Dr. O appears behind Olive and Otto.)
Dr. O: Did someone call for a doctor?
Otto and Olive: Whoa!
Ms. O: Dr. O, this plant just puffed some sort of mist on me. Anything I should be worried about?
Dr. O: (lying) Not at all. But, why don't I check this plant out just in case?
Olive: See ya, Dr. O.
Dr. O: Bye.
Otto: Thanks, Doctor.
Ms. O: Bye!
(All three of them look at each other awkwardly.)
Ms. O: Ummmm.... Now that my plant is gone, this is kinda awkward.
Olive: (claps her hands) You know what? We'll go.
Otto: We got some work to do.
(They both then walk out of Ms. O's office.)
Olive: All right. Well, let's get to work. What do you wanna start with?
(While the're discussing about what case they should start with, Dr. O calls them.)
Dr. O: Pssst. (quietly) I need to talk to you. Stat!
(They are confused and walk over to Dr. O's office. She appears to have covered the plant with safety tape.)
Olive: What's going on?
Dr. O: Remember when I said Ms. O had nothing to worry about?
Olive and Otto: Yeah.
Dr. O: She has EVERYTHING to worry about! When that plant sprays someone, some seriously WEIRD things start happening to them.
Olive: (worried) Then why'd you say it was FINE?!
Dr. O: Because I'm a DOCTOR. And because if the person panics, the seriously weird things speed up.
Otto: How weird are we talking?
(They are talking VERY WEIRD when it shows that one of the weird things is that one of Ms. O's ears has turned HUMUNGOUS!)
Olive, Otto, and Dr. O: (gasps)
Olive: Super weird.
Otto: Really weird.
Dr. O: (panicky) This is BAD, BAD, BAD! We only have one hour to cure the side effects of this plant, or Ms. O will stay weird FOREVER.
Olive: But how do we stop it?
(Ms. O then looks at them, and they quickly run to keep her from guessing.)
Olive: Go-go-go-go-go!
(Ms. O then looks down at her work.)
Dr. O: We'll need to fill this 1-gallon container with medicine.
Otto: (confused) What's a gallon?
Olive: (explaining) It's a unit of measurement. When you're measuring a liquid, you don't use inches and feet. You use gallons, quarts, and cups.
Dr. O: One more thing: The medicine is a combination of 4 different ingredients. All equal amounts that easily mix together.
Otto: How are we supposed to know how much of each ingredient to get?
Dr. O: Great question, Otto.
(They stand in silence for a few seconds.)
Otto: Anddddd, do you have an answer?
Dr. O: Nope. Just thought it was a great question.
Olive: Hold on. Look at the lines on this 1-gallon container. Each of the 4 lines stands for 1 quart, and the last line is at the top, which means there are 4 quarts in 1 gallon.
Otto: And if there are 4 ingredients that all have to be equal,....
Olive: It means we need 1 quart of each ingredient.
Dr. O: That makes sense. First ingeredient: one quart of Unicorn Tears.
(Otto and Olive then complain to Dr. O about how impossible it would be to get Unicorn Tears. Suddenly, Dr. O puts down a glittery confetti-like bucket of Unicorn Tears.)
Dr. O: Here you go.
(Olive then takes the Unicorn Tears, opens the lid, and pours one quart into the container.)
Otto: One quart. Three more quarts, and we'll have a gallon.
Dr. O: Next ingredient: one quart of Loganberry Juice.
Olive: I think I know where we could find some Loganberry Juice.
Ms. O: Mmmm, I love Loganberry Juice.
(Ms. O appears behind them, and now both of her ears are big, AND her eyebrows are now red, big, and bushy!)
Olive, Otto, and Dr. O: (screaming)
Ms. O: (confused) Why are you all screaming?
(All three of them stammer up with excuses, which Ms. O believes.)
Ms. O: Good work.
(She then walks out of Dr. O's office.)
Dr. O: You need to hurry! I'll stay here and hold down the fort.
Olive: Let's go!
(She and Olive then leave. Dr. O then literally holds down a fort.)

(The jackelope mascot sounds like popping bubbles. It then shows Olive and Otto, who are looking for Loganberries.)
Olive: There it is! Let's move!
(They then run over to the Loganberry tree.)
Olive: (claps her hands) All right! Let's start pickin' berries.
(Then suddenly...)
Logan the Ogre: Roar!
Olive and Otto: (screaming)
Olive: (scared) Who are you?!
Logan the Ogre: I am Logan the Ogre, protector of the Loganberry tree. What brings you to this place?
Olive: (nervously) Uh, we were wondering if we could borrow... one quart of... Loganberry juice.
(Logan responds a lot more nicer.)
Logan the Ogre: Yeah, totally. Help yourself.
Olive: For real?
Logan the Ogre: Sure! I LOVE sharing!
(Olive then tries to get some Loganberries, but Otto stops her.)
Otto: Wait. How're we supposed to turn berries into juice?
Logan the Ogre: Juicer?
Olive: Yeah. That'll work.
Otto: That'll work.
Logan the Ogre: I don't really have an outlet handy.
Olive: Uhhh....
Logan the Ogre: Or electricity.
Olive: Hmmm...

(The jackelope transition then appears. Otto is then seen squishing berries in a bucket, and Logan is playing a fiddle. Olive is waiting for the juice to pour out.)
Otto: How am I doin', partner?
Olive: We're almost there! Yes! One quart, exactly. Nice going, partner.
Otto: Thanks.
Olive: Thanks for your help, Logan. But we've gotta go back to headquarters...
Logan the Ogre: Halt! None shall leave this place... until we take a selfie together.
Olive: Oh.
(Logan pulls out a camera.)
Olive and Otto: Berries! Berries!
(Logan then takes the picture.)

(The jackelope mascot sounds like a little kid snickering. It then shows Olive and Otto carrying the Loganberry juice, but suddenly...)
Olive and Otto: AAAAAAAHHH!
(Ms. O now has antennae.)
Ms. O: (confused) What is it?
Olive: (lying) Um, we're just feeling... a bit jumpy today. Didn't get enough sleep last night.
Ms. O: Well, get some sleep! Leave! NOW!
(She then walks into her office, and she also has grown a lion's tail! Olive and Otto then run over to Dr. O's office.)
Olive: One quart of Loganberry Juice.
(She then pours in the Loganberry Juice.)
Dr. O: Two quarts. We're halfway there.
Otto: And two quarts is half a gallon.
Olive: Which means we still have 2 quarts to go. What's up next, Dr. O?
Dr. O: Next ingredient: One quart of Giraffe Milk.
Olive: (facepalms) Ugh. But all the giraffes are on the Moon for the summer.
Otto: Seriously?
Olive: Long story.
Dr. O: there's one person who drinks giraffe milk.
(She pulls out a baby rattle.)
Olive and Otto: (complaining)

(Olive and Otto are now in Baby Genius' hideout. They hear paint cans crashing and turn around.)
Olive: Oh. Okay. We know that they're right behind us. Just act cool. All right. On three. One, two, THREE!
(They both turn around, but Rivka and Baby Genius aren't there. They turn around to find that Rivka and Baby Genius are there.)
Olive and Otto: AAHHHHH!
Rivka: You wish to see Baby Genius?
Otto: Yes, your excellency. We were just wondering if we could have some giraffe milk.
Rivka: And what do ye have for Baby Genius?
Olive: (pulls out pocket lint) Uh, we have pocket lint.
Rivka: Ohhhhh, pocket lint was SO last month. Baby Genius likes to laugh. Make Baby laugh, you shall get your giraffe milk.
Otto: (reassuring) I got this. Knock Knock.
Rivka: Who's there?
Otto: Interrupting chicken.
Rivka: Interrupting chi...
(Otto then makes a very loud chicken sound, which makes Baby Genius start to cry.)
Rivka: That was not FUNNY! That was rude. You have insulted Baby with your rude chicken.
Olive: It's okay. I have a joke. Why did the chicken cross the road?
(Baby Genius then starts to cry again.)
Rivka: What is with all the chicken? You need to get out more.
Olive: (insulted) Oh, come on! That's a classic joke.
Rivka: Baby is leaving.
(She then starts to turn the stroller around. Olive and Otto try to stop them, but they hurt themselves.)
Olive: Ow! Ow! Ow-ee! Ow!
(Baby Genius then laughs.)
Olive: He laughed!
Rivka: It was more of a giggle. Lend Baby a few more.
(They then start pretending to hurt themselves,and falling in a silly way.)
Rivka: Now make silly noises when you fall.
(They do just that.)
Rivka: Enough.
(She gets something out of the stroller. They turn out to be 4 cups of milk.)
Rivka: Here is your giraffe milk.
Otto: Four cups?! But we need a quart.
Rivka: Calm down, chicken boy.