Odd Squad Wiki

Hey guys, my name is bansheewail. I really love Odd Squad and find it extremely entertaining.

A bit about me

  • I am finally an E.R doctor.
  • I had a pet rat named Stella. She used to watches Odd Squad with me.
  • I now have two of Stella's babies. They're names are Gossamer and Mortimer and they are following in their mother's paw prints (they love Odd Squad)!
  • Some of my favorite characters are: Dr. O, Ocean, Mrs. O, Oksana, Odell, Oona, Octavia, and Olive.
  • My least favorite characters are: Orchid, Oren, and Ohlm.
  • Some of my favorite episodes are: A Case of the Sillies, And Then They Were Puppies, First Day, The O Games, Skip Day, Jinx, The Odd Antidote, Odd Outbreak, and many more.
  • I really don't have a least favorite episode.