Odd Squad Wiki

I am a random person. Hi! I am a diehard fan of Odd Squad, and PBS Kids itself. My favorite show other than this wiki is Wild Kratts and Cyberchase.

I am an Ozlyn, Oona, and Oswald in one person. My favorite character of all time is Oona, but Oprah comes at a close second.

Favorite episodes

Season 1: The O Games, OINFO, Disorder in the Court

Season 2: The Deposit Slip Up/Villains Always Win, First Day, Oscar Strikes Back

Season 3: Odd Beginnings, Follow the Leader, End of the Road

Oddtube Season 1: Welcome to Oddtube, The O Song, Interview with Olive

Oddtube Season 2: Van Secrets, The Button Song, Know a Big O

Squadcast: Broadcast 1, Broadcast 5, Broadcast 7

Have a great day!