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Who Is Agent Otis?
Season 2, Episode 34
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 21, 2019
Written byTim McKeon
Directed byJ.J. Johnson
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Who Is Agent Otis? is the two-part 34th episode of Season 2 of Odd Squad. It is the first component of the Season 2 finale.


Olympia discovers a secret about her partner.

Olympia's Random Slide

This should not be looked in the mouth.

Learning Goal

Data Collection and Analysis: creating and interpreting line graphs.


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Somewhere in Toronto, Noisemaker is causing oddness, which causes people to scream and run. Olympia and Otis appear to stop him. Ocean appears with a dinosaur, who takes one of Noisemaker's instruments. He then takes out another instrument, which gets shrunk to nothing by Oona. Orchid and Ms. O then appear, Ms. O states that it is a slow day back at headquarters. Noisemaker is cornered, and taken to the interrogation room.

Olympia and Otis confiscate his instruments. Noisemaker states that the jacket is made by Stitcher, and tells them about a notebook containing facts about every villain in the world.

Olympia and Otis arrive at Ms. O's office, along with Xavier and Xena. Olympia excitedly tells Ms. O about the notebook, how helpful it would've been if it was taken by Odd Squad and how to get it. Xavier and Xena like Olympia's case and take it from her. Ms. O lets the X's and Olympia go on the case to keep them busy. After The X's and Olympia leave the room, Otis asks Ms. O's permission to tell Olympia the truth about his past. Ms. O disagrees.

The X's put Olympia on "desk duty". Oona accidentally gives Olympia the idea to go out to find the notebook behind Ms. O's back. Olympia goes on her own because she does not want to risk getting her partner Otis in trouble. Oona and Olympia go inside the secret bunker hidden in the lab from "Odd Squad Needs You" to think. By using graphs Olympia predicts that The Stitcher will next visit a villain with a hat.

After visiting Brad Hatter and Lady Sunshine Olympia discovers that her predictions were wrong and that The Stitcher was following a pattern of villains with yellow in their uniforms. Olympia visits Nana Banana and The Stitcher and gets the notebook.

The X's report to Ms. O that they've failed the case. Olympia surprises Ms. O, Otis, and the X's that she found the notebook. Ms. O is shocked and troubled. The X's immediately take the notebook from Olympia and start investigating it. While The X's go through pages, Ms. O tells Olympia that finding that notebook was the last thing she wanted. The X's flip to a page in the notebook featuring Otis and tell Olympia that Ms. O didn't want her to know that her partner is a villain. However, Olympia overheard them say that and says that that's impossible. The X's go out to remove Otis off the squad. Ms. O doesn't agree with that. Ocean walks up and asks, "what's happening?" Xena replies with a shout, "Otis is a villain!" Olympia tries to calm everyone down and asks Otis to tell them it's not true. Otis tells Olympia that he can't do that. Everyone in the room gasps in surprise.

A-plot episode ends to be continued.


Ms. O explains to everyone that Otis may have once been a villain, but he's not anymore. Xavier disagrees and tells everyone that Otis has been helping villains break-in since the day he arrived. Ms. O demands a trial, and The Big O comes to be the judge.

In court, Otis explains to everyone that he was raised by ducks, and when he got older he realized they were bad ducks, being rude to everyone they came across.

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  • This is the second episode to feature a court scene after "Disorder in the Court", but this time the suspect is actually guilty of a crime.
  • This is the second time Otis and Ms. O are seen in casual attire, the first time being in Odd Squad: The Movie.