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Worst First Day Ever
Season 1, Episode 31b
Production Information
Air DateSeptember 2, 2015
Written byCharles Johnston
Directed byKim Derko
Brian K. Roberts
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Worst First Day Ever is the B-Plot of the 31st episode of Odd Squad.


When Agent Ori's first day on the job turns into a worst case scenario, with him accidentally releasing the Centigurps, other Odd Squad agents share their own 'worst first day ever' stories and help him catch all the Centigurps.

Learning Goal

Numbers and Operations: partitioning and dividing, adding and subtracting


Otto tells the man that he doesn't understand what his odd problem is because he has a beach ball on his head. Olive corrects Otto saying that he has a beach ball head, which is obvious. They meet Agent Ori, who just started training and says his favorite color is blue. Ms. O tells them that today is Ori's first official day as an agent. Ori states that he is taking the Centigurp container down to storage. Ms. O states he is failing to do so because he stopped to talk to Olive and Otto. Olive then remembers that they should have told him not to open that thing. Otto says there is no need to because Ori is more responsible than him. Ms. O asks them if they are going to help the man with tentacle feet. Otto says he knew there was another problem. Olive asks if they have a gadget to fix it.

In the meantime, while bringing the Centigurp container down to storage, Ori opens the Centigurp box and thinks it's cute. Suddenly, Odelia comes around the corner warning him to close the container, explaining that the creature is a Centigurp, a creature that can clone itself 100 times if exposed to light too long. Before Ori can do so, the creature does exactly just that, and now Ori is worried that Ms. O is going to be mad at him and asks who she is. Odelia introduces herself. She is substituting for Oscar while he is out living with a Japanese family. Ori asks what he should do about the escaped Centigurps. Odelia tells him that he needs to round up all 100 of them in order to zap them back to one and Odelia tells Ori to come with her.

Odelia meets Odenbacker and introduces him to Ori, who needs some Centigurp boxes. Odenbacker is unwilling to give them out because the last time he gave Oscar boxes, he never got them back and he asks where Oscar is. Odelia says he is visiting lab director exchange. Odenbacker makes a deal to give them the exact number of boxes they need. Ori asks how much his biggest box holds. Odenbacker says 20. Ori asks how many 20s are in 100. Odelia decides to help him figure it out. She shows him 100 jacks. She assumes that the jacks are Centigurps. Since each Centigurp box holds 20, she splits the 100 jacks into groups of 20. There are five groups of 20 jacks, so five boxes will be needed. Odenbacker gives him five boxes. Odelia gives him a clue to where to find the Centigurps. She says that they're attracted to spheres and she tells him to go to the ballroom. Ori leaves to catch the Centigurps and Odelia and Odenbacker have a conversation.

Meanwhile, Ori is catching Centigurps and he has filled in three out of the five boxes, so basically he has caught 60 Centigurps out of the 100 required. He needs to fill in two boxes and he's gold. Ori gets distracted by dancing that he is in the house and the other two boxes break by Owen's machine. Owen apologizes because his vehicle made the beep sound and everything and the boxes didn't hear it. Ori says "Obviously, because they're boxes." and complains that this is the worst first day ever. Owen says it's not and tells him to hear about his first day. Owen tells Ori that he has had five consecutive dreams where he forgot to close the creature door and he sees a tentacle of a creature coming to him. This is what made his first day the worst and he is still dreaming about it. Ori says he needs new boxes. Owen decides to help him out.

Ori goes back to Odenbacker with Owen and Odenbacker says he only has boxes that contain 8 Centigurps. Owen asks Ori if the two boxes that broke held 20 Centigurps each. Ori says "yes". Owen takes 40 jacks for the 40 Centigurps still missing and divides them into groups of eight. This results in five groups of eight. Odenbacker gives Ori five boxes.

Ori heads out to catch more Centigurps and he knows that Centigurps are attracted to spheres and thinks of the basketball room. He goes inside the basketball room with only three of the five boxes and leaves the other two boxes on the cart, thinking they will be safe. When Ori comes back out with three of the five boxes, he finds the last two boxes destroyed and he again complains that this is the worst first day ever. Orchid shows up and tells him that it's not his worst first day. She decides to tell him about her worst first day. Orchid said "Excuse me" to the boxes but they didn't move. She said "Excuse me" to the boxes but they still didn't move and she started destroying the boxes. Ori is confused about how that is her worst first day. It obviously just happened. Orchid gives him three options: She can either say sorry, she can help him, or she can take him to a movie. However, only one option will work so he must choose wisely. Ori decides to take the help.

Ori goes back to Odenbacker with Orchid and Odenbacker only has boxes that contain 5 Centigurps and they're the last ones he has. Orchid warns him that if he doesn't have the boxes he needs, the Centigurps will take over and he may have to find a new job. Ori says he can make them work. He just needs to find out how many five boxes he needs to replace the two eight boxes. Ori takes the jacks a third time. He takes 16 jacks and divides them into groups of five and there are three full groups with one left over. Orchid says he needs three boxes, but the three boxes don't hold enough. Three boxes hold only 15 Centigurps and he needs to catch 16 Centigurps. Orchid says he can get a fourth box for the extra one. Ori says each box holds five Centigurps. Orchid says they hold up to five Centigurps so that means he can just put the extra Centigurp by itself in the fourth box. Odenbacker gives him three 5 boxes plus an extra box for the extra Centigurp and another cart. Odenbacker says he should put a limit on these carts. Ori asks where the last 16 Centigurps would be. He has been to the ballroom, the basketball room, and checked the gumball machine. Orchid then remembers that Ms. O ordered Matzo ball soup which has a ball in it and is a sphere. Ori is afraid that he will be in big trouble if Ms. O finds out that he opened the Centigurp box. He thanks Orchid for helping him before he goes.

Ori finds Ms. O full of Centigurps, who asks him if he opened the containment unit. Ori says "yes". Ms. O decides to help him gather them up. Ori asks why she is not mad. Ms. O says she is not mad because she says Otto did the same thing and she also did it when she was an agent, and every agent in the squad has opened the containment unit. She also clarifies that if he didn't do it, he would be fired. Ms. O helps Ori collect the Centigurps and they eventually have caught 100 Centigurps. Ms. O tells him that she has to go back and eat her soup.

Odelia asks Ori if he wants to zap the Centigurps back into one. He says "yes" and is about to press the blue button when she tells him not to. She tells him to press the red button, which he does and the 100 Centigurps are restored into one. Odelia congratulates Ori and declares that he had a good first day after all. Ori thanks her and asks her what the blue button does. He presses it and the alarm goes off. Ms. O finds out that Ori pressed the blue button. Ori says that everybody does that on their first day, and asks if he is right. Ms. O says that it's not right and tells everyone to escape headquarters. Everyone escapes headquarters in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Oscar is with a Japanese family and thanks them for the food. Just then, his badge phone rings and he picks up the phone and asks what Agent Ori did. Oscar decides to take his leave back to headquarters and get new shoes.


  • According to the Facebook page, it is the sister episode of "The Trouble with Centigurps".
  • It aired on September 2, 2015, though on some stations it aired on July 22nd.
  • It is revealed that the blue button is used for sounding emergencies.
  • This is the third time an agent has ever opened the Centigurp Box and released the Centigurps. This time, it's Ori's turn.
    • In addition, it is revealed that every agent in the squad, including Ms. O, has opened the Centigurp Box, and that not doing so is potential grounds for being fired.
  • Otto says that Ori is more responsible than him, but it turns out Otto is more responsible than him.
  • Odenbacker's mention of Oscar not returning the Centigurp boxes he loaned to him is a callback to "The Trouble with Centigurps", when Otto opened the Centigurps and Oscar had to get Centigurp boxes to catch all of them.